2nd Sunday of Lent

Watching the TV news these days seems to be the best way to lose the little hope we have left. Information about the worsening economy, the turmoil around the world, the crimes committed around us – it’s difficult not to believe, that our world is coming to an end. But this is just one, dark side of our world that seems to be overwhelming us. Everybody wants to know, who is responsible for all these things. It would be nice to find the guilty people and punish them. But I think that all society is guilty in some particular way.

I think that Western society has forgotten what the foundation stone of its prosperity is. Such a foundation we can find in today’s gospel: “This is my son, the Beloved. Listen to him”. As a society we have rejected this basic message of Christianity: obedience to God’s voice. We see people, who are determined to have more and more, without any concern for others. A cheating person is applauded if he is effective. People who lead immoral life became the models for many ordinary individuals. The attitudes, for centuries recognized as bad and shameful, has gained common acceptance. Of course, I’m not suggesting that the law of our religion should be the law of our country. We don’t need theocracy to replace democracy. But we absolutely need an internal, spiritual and personal attitude based on the Ten Commandments and The Commandment of Love. We need to re-discover the power of a well formed conscience. This is what can change our society; the internal guardian who can prevent us from doing wrong, better than any police officer.