Ben Macdui & Beinn Mheadhoin

Because I have been to the summit of Cairn Gorm, I decided to go along a ridge called Fiacaill a’ Choire Chais. This move let me save some time and covering the same path twice. I did the route on 16 June 2010.

  • 1: Car park near the Funicular Railway.
  • 2: A path heading off the track and leading to a gap between Cairngorm and Cairn Lochan. I decided to leave behind the summit of Cairngorm, because I’d been there already.
  • 3: The gap. After tiring climb I reached the gap; upper half of the ridge was covered with clouds, so from time to time I had to look for the path disappearing on the rocky slope.
  • 4: The summit of Ben Macdui (1309m). I’d planned to go along the cliff towards Cairn Lochan, but in the clouds and patchy snow I mistakenly chose the wrong path; eventually I found the right one to Ben Macdui.
  • 5: The summit of Beinn Mheadhoin (1182m). From Ben Macdui I went westward for about 1 km and then followed the path downwards to Loch Etchachan. From there I climbed Beinn Mheadhoin with its characteristic rocky towers. From the summit I headed down on the pathless northern slope to reach Loch Avon.
  • 6: Crossing the river Avon. The river was swollen because of melting snow, so  it took me about fifteen minutes to find a good place to cross it.
  • 7: Crossroads. That is the spot where a few paths cross. One of them leads upward on the eastern slope of Cairngorm. Last part  of it went through a valley unluckily covered with deep snow; additionally slanting rain and clouds made climbing more difficult.
  • 8: Ptarmigan Bowl – the upper station of the Funicular Railway. I felt great relief when I reached the building. But then I had to pass dull, boring bulldozed track downward.
  • 9: A path heading off the track and leading to the base station. That was good opportunity to avoid repeating part of the route.