The Drumochter Hills (West)

At the sunrise I started scaling the north-east ridge of Geal Charn – or I thought so. I realised my mistake too high and too late – I’d been climbing Creagan Mor, the northern neighbouring hill. Between me and Geal Charn was a very steep and narrow gorge of Allt Beul an Sporran; returning to the bottom of the hill was neither an option. I looked on the map and found relatively easier way to climb the mountain from the north. My mistake turned out to be a blessing as the new route led me to the ridge along Loch Ericht, a beautiful Highland lake. I managed to take some photos from that ridge and that was all; soon the clouds obscured ¬†everything and would stay for the rest of the day. That day I highly appreciated my faithful Garmin; navigating without it in thick fog through featureless terrain would have been a nightmare.