Morinsh Woods

It’s looking increasingly like a pattern, and not a good one for that: bad weather forecast for my day off. Strong winds and bands of rain kept me away from the hilltops. Instead I decided to have a recreational and exploratory walk in the Glenlivet area called Morinsh Woods.

It was a pleasant walk along wide and solid forest tracks with virtually no mud, rolling gently up and down on the lower north-western slopes of Corryhabbie Hill. However, the main focal point was another Corbett on the other side of the glen, Ben Rinnes, lurking through the tree-tops, and then clearly visible across the forest clearings.

At one point I decided to take a left turn to investigate where a forked forest path would lead. As it run exactly in the opposite direction to the car park where I’d left my car, at the next fork I took another turn left. The track ran gently upwards, parallel to my earlier route. After quite a while it turned out to be dead end. Obviously the track had been built for forestry operations. Instead of heading back – never my preferred choice – I decided to go rough downhill towards the track I’d already covered. The initial part led through the clearing, extremely uneven and covered with twigs, branches and stumps. Then it got worse as I had to make my way through a belt of young, tightly planted spruce just a bit taller than me. Thankfully I found a path or dry burn running directly down the slope towards much nicer patch of woodland. Eventually I got back to the forest track and followed it towards the car park.

The weather was rather good all the way long, with a couple of spells of rain and plenty of sunshine, at times broken by clouds. The forest sheltered me well from the wind, but when it hit it was strong and rather unpleasantly cold. The final part of the plan was lunch in the nearby Glenlivet Distillery, serving the best – in my opinion – baked potatoes. The lunch was tasty as ever, though over the years the amount of salad had been reduced to nothing more than a token, while the price had significantly gone up. Overall it was quite a good day but I’d rather spent it climbing proper hills…