Ben Aigan Woods

Ben Aigan Woods was my ‘playground’ for years. Yet there were paths there that I had never walked. After Christmas I decided to explore one of them, supposedly running around the summit. Of course I could have checked whether I was right, using services like Google Earth – but that would kill the joy of exploration.

I hit the forest track equipped with a map, GPS tracker (to record my walk) and couple of cameras, walking up towards the relay station on top of Knockmore. From there the track led towards Ben Aigan, at first gently downwards and then upwards; the latter steep enough to warm me up. Finally I reached the crossroads where my exploration began – with a much narrower path than the forest track that had led me to it.

The path was winding its way through the forest, with wider views obscured by the trees. Nevertheless it was a very pleasant walk – and surprisingly long. It turned out I had been right that the path ran around the hill, but with pretty wild detours. Eventually I returned to the forest track between Ben Aigan and the relay station, and from there back to my car.